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Breaking Free from Pill Fatigue: Embracing Innovation in Dietary Supplements

Karin Hermoni, Ph. D., is a globally recognized nutrition and wellness expert.

known for blending cutting-edge scientific expertise with extensive industry experience. A former leader at Lycored, Karin is an active industry member and currently also co-chairs the Science committee at the nonprofit organization WIN (Women in Nutraceutical). 


Pill fatigue, a phenomenon characterized by the weariness and reluctance to swallow traditional supplement pills, has become increasingly common in today's health-conscious society. Pill fatigue often leads to inconsistency in supplement usage, compromising the potential health benefits.


Karin: "In an era where consumer demand for dietary supplements is at an all-time high, the industry faces a paradox. Consumers are experiencing pill fatigue and looking for fun ways to consume their vitamins and nutraceuticals.

Powders, gummies, and chews are leading the chart as delivery formats that provide an “experience”, giving dietary supplements another dimension of organoleptics, and a step further over the “inertic” experience of taking a pill. But this comes with challenges".

Transformation - what are we looking for?


In response to this growing concern, the dietary supplement industry is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by innovation and technological advancements. The latest trends in dietary supplement user experience focus on enhancing convenience, efficacy, and taste.


"Health-conscious consumers are seeking innovative, fun, and effective delivery methods.  “Better-For-You", low-calorie and low-sugar solutions that align with their view of holistic wellness.  However, they are also looking for a great user experience convenience, taste, and an overall good experience are key for compliance", says Karin.

One of the most promising trends is the development of alternative delivery systems is Melt & Jet


"This is A groundbreaking delivery system at the intersection of functionality and indulgence", says Karin, "Imagine the power of your favorite functional bio-actives combined with the goodness of fruits and vegetables that make up the matrix- and packed into a small, delightful "JET" that melts in your mouth: No gelatin or pectin, no additives or colors, just real fruit!

This patented and proprietary technology allows for exceptionally high loading while utilizing the power of freeze drying known to preserve those healthy nutrients". 


Supplements that melt in your mouth often facilitate better absorption.


Karin: "This innovative format offers consumers a more enjoyable and convenient way to consume supplements, bypassing the discomfort associated with traditional pills.

When a supplement melts in your mouth, it spreads out over a larger surface area, allowing for greater contact with the mucous membranes in the mouth.

This facilitates faster absorption into the bloodstream.




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